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John has worked at newspapers in New York and Virginia. He began his reporting career as an enlisted journalist in the U.S. Navy. He lives with his family in the Back Bay area of Virginia Beach.  (757) 502-5393


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  1. How do I subscribe electronically? Love that I can get news that is focused on my area of Virginia Beach!

  2. Hi, Lisa. This is John, the editor. We’re primarily in print now, at about 40 locations, and our first issue comes out today. This listing of locations is under “Find Us” above. Please follow us on Facebook for electronic stories. They’re generally post over time after the print edition comes out. Please email me at if you need additional information. I hope you’ll keep reading.

  3. Good afternoon my name is John Murray and I am the CEO of Families First of Virginia. I am contacting you because my agency is looking for homes in your community for children who have been abused and neglected. These children are from your community and it is important they continue to attend the same school until they can return home or be adopted. I am in great need of families who can provide a home with support by my agency. These families can offer weekend support, short-term placements, long-term placements and even adopt, all depending what each family has to offer. Each family receives support from my agency and financial support while child is in the home. I offer free training for the community and would love to have an opportunity to discuss this further. I can be reached by phone at 689-3818 extension 102. Or by email

  4. I would like to send in an article about VA beach and her trees, we need a job opening in the city government for a technician. Thank you Mr barry Knight for all that PORK. BKFAST IS ready NOW. CITY PORK OR COUNTY BACON YES I SAID BACON.

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