Farmer Heath Cutrell of Heath Cutrell Farms in Chesapeake inspects soybean plants in a test plot in Virginia Beach. [John-Henry Doucette/The Princess Anne Independent News]

We encourage contributions from members of the community, including original reported columns, personal opinion pieces, photographs, cartoons, and letters to the editor. We look particularly for images and words that speak to the character of southern Virginia Beach and Knotts Island, N.C.


  • We pay contributors of original reporting and photography for print publication and use online. Original published journalism written or photographed specifically for The Independent News is the property of Pungo Publishing Co., LLC. That means you cannot write a paid story for us and sell or give it to another local publication. We generally do not pay for work that cannot be published, though we may pay a “kill” fee for reported pieces.
  • We do not pay for opinion pieces by government officials, representatives of organizations, personal opinion pieces, or letters to the editor.
  • We pay for some first-person columns that involve original reporting, expertise or personal experience. Generally, that paid work becomes the property of Pungo Publishing Co., LLC.
  • We pay for commissioned columns.
  • We pay $25 for for original poetry that is commissioned or requested, but we do not retain the copyright. We publish it in print and online. We request that the original publication credit is gives to The Princess Anne Independent News if the work is published elsewhere.
  • Payment is made following publication, generally within a month.
  • Contributors are not employees of Pungo Publishing Co., LLC.

The basics of submitting to us:

  • Journalism writing or reported columns must be commissioned, so please send a pitch via the email address at this link. Our standard payment is $25 for an initial reported news or feature story or a column that relies upon original reporting. Regular contributors are paid more for reported news or columns. We can work with you a bit on the writing and approach to the subject matter, but our priority is on accurate, truthful, and fair reporting and representations. Our ethics policy applies to all contributors. It is extremely important to credit all sources of information within the text of submissions, including information that comes from other news sources.
  • Photography should include a high resolution digital image or images that are original and unedited and in a common format such as JPEG and in the largest possible size file. Please send a cutline that accurately describes the subject of your original image, where it was taken, and on what day and date. Our standard payment is $15 per image for use in the paper and online. Regular or commissioned contributors are paid rates established with the publisher. People who provide courtesy photographs or publicity images are not compensated. Please do not alter images. Our ethics policy applies to all contributors.
  • Personal opinion pieces and letters to the editor are welcome for use in the paper and online. We do not pay for these submissions. Please include your name, the community or area where you live, and a phone number. We will not publish the phone number, but we must be able to contact you prior to publication. We edit these submissions for grammar and, particularly for the print edition, space. We do not publish personal attacks. Send letters to Send queries to

The Point of Contact:

  • John-Henry Doucette is the managing member of Pungo Publishing Co., LLC, founded in early 2015. He publishes and edits The Princess Anne Independent News. Please reach him by email at or on his cell at (757) 748-5331.



  1. I have a Great story for you. My Dragon Force National Karate Demo Team from Ryoshin-Kan Karate School in Virginia Beach recently Won 1st Place Team Demo at the 2015 Grand Slam Open National Sport Karate Championships.

  2. I would like for John Henry D to contact me as I have a picture of a child and his mother looking at items on the Operation Christmas Child booth at the strawberry festival. The child was a special child and his mother was delighted when we asked to take a picture of him. I have his name and mother’s permission. Just let me know if you can use a picture like this.

  3. I find it odd that in a community that is made up of so many that are, or were, in the military and those that support the military that the support of a confederate monument would exist. I remember when I swore an oath in the Navy it was to defend the constitution against all enemies both foreign and domestic. Maintaining a monument to recognize a group who attempted to violently overthrow the government of the United States, dissolve our union, cause more casualties in any other conflict since and enslave an entire race of people is not in keeping faith with that oath.

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