Political Notebook: Rouse offers running commentary on the chase for the Iron Throne, best tweet ever

The lady is riding a dragon. Cool. [HBO]


Virginia Beach City Councilmember Aaron Rouse, serving his first term in an at-large seat, has been an enthusiastic Game of Thrones live tweeter.


Rouse crafted that on Sunday, May 12, amid the penultimate episode of the long-running HBO series. 

Objectively, this is the greatest tweet by an American politician in the history of such things. Further, it is a potential reelection slogan guaranteed to cut through the clutter. 

Look, Notebook cannot afford HBO, but chances are some spoilers are coming your way if you are into awesome dragons and have somehow avoided all media over the past month.

Seriously. Stuff is about to get spoiled by Notebook reproducing a Twitter feed.

This is all on you if you keep reading. 

So. On Sunday, May 17, Thrones came to an end, and Rouse, among others, was not digging how it went down.

He tweeted: I’d like to cancel HBO.

And: not feeling this “FINALE” And: Is Dany really dead?

A follower replied: If everybody hasn’t watched don’t ask that question.

The Rouse response: My bad.

City Councilmember Aaron Rouse, whose live tweeting of Game of Thrones will be missed, is pro-dragon. [The Independent News]

Daenerys Targaryen indeed died at the hands of her lover, Jon Snow, also her nephew and some such nonsense, before a dragon named Drogon flew off with her body.

All that is left is the greatest tweet in political history. And, again, a swell slogan. 

During an interview, Rouse said he is not much of a TV watcher, favoring film, but Thrones made him a fan.

“I am.”

But a fan of that last episode?

“I am not.”

The show seemed to fall off, he said. He compared the finale to heading out to watch big Fourth of July fireworks and all you get is a single little bottle rocket.

And fans were left with a big question.

“Where did Drogon go? Where did he go?”

Drogon, again, is a dragon.

Who wouldn’t want one of those?

“I want a dragon,” Rouse said, smiling. “Drogon. He’s out there somewhere.”

So let us trot out a new slogan, which absolutely was not aproved by Rouse: The people of Virginia Beach want more dragons, and they want them now.

So long as city leaders ensure the dragons don’t go only to the Oceanfront.

Spread it around, is all.

Speaking of the notable tweets in the history of American politics, former U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, has now dropped down on the list.

Here is his 2013 reflection on our planet and aspects of it that, among other things, might make certain people on certain donor lists happy: The best thing about the earth is if you poke holes in it oil and gas come out.

Consider this rewrite: I WANT MORE OIL AND GAS! And I WANT THEM NOW!

Better, in a way. 

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  1. It’s a shame Mr. Rouse didn’t spend as much time crafting a tax-neutral budget as he did watching a fantasy TV show. I guess he decided Beach families need to endure as much pain and anguish in real life as the characters on his “Thrones” show.

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