Political Notebook: Turns out Glenn Davis is a Yankees fan. Sigh.

Glenn Davis is seen talking with a Yankees fan in Landstown. [John-Henry Doucette/The Princess Anne Independent News]

LANDSTOWN — State Del. Glenn Davis, R-84th House District, and his campaign team spent the afternon of Saturday, May 4, in Landstown during the annual spring fling hosted by the Landstown Community Civic League.

For part of that afternoon, Davis chatted with a resident wearing lots of New York Yankees stuff — a Mariano Rivera jersey and a Yankees hat. Davis even got a picture with him. This was not even re-election related. Davis really seemed to want this picture. 

The man in the Yankees gear was Eric Perez.

“Win or lose, that’s my team,” Perez said while Notebook fought back tears because Notebook orginally is from New England.

“I love the fact that I live in a community where this happens,” he added, speaking of the Landstown Spring Fling, which truly is a wonderful event.

Perez is originally from New York. So this Yankees thing is not his fault, though it is worth pointing out New Yorkers have (a) baseball options that are not the Yankees and (b) the right kind of water for bagels. 

Davis is from here. What was he thinking?

During a brief discussion, Notebook pointed out to the delegate how Rivera played for the Yankees, a professional baseball organization that is not the Boston Red Sox.

Davis knew all this. It turns out a person who wants people to reelect him to the Virginia General Assembly is a Yankees fan.

“I think that’s the reason my wife married me,” Davis said.

Indeed, Davis said Rivera is the favorite player of his wife, Chelle. Rivera, a closer, retired in 2013 with 652 saves and a lifetime 2.21 earned run average over a 19-year career. Like that is such a big deal.

Davis said he even has some big travel plans with his wife.

“This year, I’m taking her to Cooperstown for the induction of Mariano,” he said.

Rivera also is the MLB career leader in saves. He was selected for the Hall of Fame in this year’s class, the first player elected unanimously by the sports writers because, you know, whatever, you guys.

Then Davis started getting philosophical while Notebook bit its tongue. You think you know a delegate. Then he’s a Yankees fan.

“You talk about bridging political divides,” Davis offered. “Mariano did that.”

Say, just like a legislator who comes in at the last minute and slaps their name on somebody else’s bill as a co-sponsor?

“He had a role to play,” Davis said, boldly taking over Notebook’s awesome simile. “He came in right before it died and got those extra votes necessary.”

A brief postscript: Notebook mentioned this exchange to Mrs. Notebook, and Mrs. Notebook informed Notebook that she found Rivera handsome. Notebook is going into the bathroom to have a good cry.

For more about great baseball teams, visit redsox.com.

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