In Virginia Beach, questions remain about political activities by nonprofit ‘teachers’ group

Ed. — This story appeared in the Friday, Nov. 29, print edition. BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE VIRGINIA BEACH –  Weeks after Election Day, questions remain about the political activities and policy goals of a nonprofit organization that quietly was formed by a… Continue Reading


Group claiming to represent educators makes surprise endorsements, raising questions about its political advocacy; commonwealth’s attorney reviewing complaint

Ed. — This story originally appeared in the Friday, Nov. 15, print edition. The VBTA has not responded to requests for information detailed below. BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE VIRGINIA BEACH –  Early on Election Day, state Del. Barry Knight, R-81st District, drove… Continue Reading


Missed reports add up to huge penalties for short-lived campaign that raised, but never spent, only $200

BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE VIRGINIA BEACH – Kerry Reynolds decided to run for the Lynnhaven District seat on the Virginia Beach City Council last year.  Reynolds, a city employee, had a straightforward goal.  “Do some good things,” he said.  But that… Continue Reading


Voting district or ballot question? The Virginia Beach registrar — and local parties — are happy to help

BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE COURTHOUSE – Dave Belote, chair of the Virginia Beach Democratic Committee, is among the local elections and political party officials who encounter voters who sometimes do not know what state legislative district they live within. Belote said… Continue Reading


Creeds polling location moves to Oak Grove Baptist; boundary shift between Oceana, Red Wing precincts

THE INDEPENDENT NEWS COURTHOUSE — The City Council voted this past month to move the Creeds polling location from the firehouse to Oak Grove Baptist Church, 691 Princess Anne Road, and approved a boundary shift between the Oceana and Red… Continue Reading


How many signatures does anti-light rail extension effort need for referendum?

THE INDEPENDENT NEWS COURTHOUSE – John Atkinson, the city treasurer who launched a grassroots effort to stop light rail from expanding to Town Center, gathered supporters at City Hall this past month to stress a message made clear by the… Continue Reading


A few resources for last minute voters with little information on doing so

THE INDEPENDENT NEWS COURTHOUSE — Beach voters can look at their ballots for the general election today by visiting the voter registrar’s slice of vbgov.com. The General Assembly is up for election, and the city will have a total of… Continue Reading


Beach readiness effort helps avoid pitfalls so each vote counts

BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE COURTHOUSE – Election officials serving the city are visiting a number of assisted living facilities to help local voters. The voter readiness effort, which has already helped hundreds of people this year, deals with absentee voting, registration… Continue Reading