2020: The year in photos by The Princess Anne Independent News

BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE BACK BAY — This is a look back at some of the images from our newspaper in 2020, a tough year for many of us. Better things are ahead. Thank you to David B. Hollingsworth for his exceptional work… Continue Reading


Column: Turn pain into promise, violence into peace and equality

Ed. — This appeared in the Sunday, June 7, print edition of The Independent News. BY ISRAEL ZOBERMAN VIRGINIA BEACH — What a year it has been, and it is not yet over. I was awakened early in the morning by my… Continue Reading


Letter: Removing the Confederate monument in Virginia Beach cannot erase past we must remember

Dear Editor: I am completely perplexed as to why monuments that are more than 100 years old are suddenly under attack. I am also annoyed at the lack of knowledge as to what they represent and the reason they are… Continue Reading


From the Editor: Rhetoric is a tool that is only as good as the person using it

BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE PUNGO — The words we use matter, and there is a word I care about that is unfairly maligned in our increasingly partisan discourse. That word is rhetoric, misused by opponents of certain ideas as shorthand for what… Continue Reading


A letter to the mayor of Charlottesville from the mayor of Virginia Beach

Ed. note — Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms read the following letter, dated Monday, Aug. 14, during the Virginia Beach City Council meeting at City Hall on Tuesday, Aug. 15. It is addressed to Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer in the aftermath… Continue Reading


Column: I was there for those who agree — and those who do not

BY MARIANNE WINESETT WASHINGTON — I was there. It’s become the battle cry for every woman and man that participated in the many marches held around the country and the world. This proclamation is either met with a look of scornful disdain… Continue Reading


Column: As an introvert marches in Washington, meeting others matters more than speeches

BY ERICA HOWELL WASHINGTON — “Life begins where your comfort zone ends.” This is the mantra I repeated to myself in the days leading up to the Women’s March on Washington. As an introvert, participating in this march was far outside… Continue Reading


Column: Even for one who isn’t the type to protest, women’s march was something greater than anticipated

BY DENISE FINKBEINER HOLDEN  WASHINGTON — I like my comfort. I’m not the type to protest, walking around with strangers carrying posters for each other to read. I voted. I said my piece. But, each for our own reasons in the span… Continue Reading