Column: In the wake of tragedy, building our police team through an unorthodox mystery

BY PATRICK GALLAGHER VIRGINIA BEACH — Recently, members of the Virginia Beach Police Department’s Investigative Division sought to solve a “puzzling” mystery.   Trained investigators volunteered to be locked in a room with only their intuitive skills to help them solve… Continue Reading


Editorial: Hansen’s departure is more complicated than some outlets say

THE INDEPENDENT NEWS PUNGO — Some news outlets falsely reported that the recent resignation of Virginia Beach City Manager Dave Hansen resulted from how the city has faced the mass shooting at the municipal center. “Virginia Beach official resigns over mass… Continue Reading


Chief addresses violent crime drop, rise in larcenies, update on Virginia Beach mass shooting investigation

Ed. — This ran in the Aug. 9 print edition. BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE COURTHOUSE – Violent crime fell overall in the first half of this year compared to last year’s statistics for the city, even as the homicide rate rose… Continue Reading


Standup Strong: At Funny Bone, comedy marathon aids Virginia Beach mass shooting victims

BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE TOWN CENTER —  A massive roster of standup, improv and sketch comedy talent took the stage over the course of a dozen hours at the Virginia Beach Funny Bone last month. It was all jokes and heart,… Continue Reading


Offering hugs, high fives for the recovery of Virginia Beach community

Ed. — This archived story originally ran in the July 5 print edition. BY SHELLY SLOCUM OCEANFRONT — Dave Sylvester, known as “Big Dave,” traveled from Pennsylvania to console Virginia Beach following the May 31 mass shooting at the city municipal center.… Continue Reading


Dyer seeks state support for plan to turn Building 2 into police offices, bring displaced city workers into other offices following mass shooting

Ed. — This archived story originally ran in the July 5 print edition. THE INDEPENDENT NEWS COURTHOUSE — Virginia Beach is appealing to the state for money to help restore the municipal center in the wake of the Friday, May 31, mass… Continue Reading


Virginia Beach City Council approves independent investigation of shooting

Ed. — This archived story originally appeared in the July 5 print edition. BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE COURTHOUSE – The City Council on Tuesday, July 2, authorized an independent investigation into circumstances surrounding the recent mass shooting in which an employee killed… Continue Reading


At church near municipal center, finding solace after the Virginia Beach mass shooting

BY SHELLY SLOCUM COURTHOUSE — At lunchtime on Monday, June 3, dozens of people dressed in blue gathered at Courthouse Community United Methodist Church to remember the 12 people who died in the mass shooting at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center.… Continue Reading


The elegy and the promise

A horrific act leaves 12 people dead and four wounded, as well as a community in mourning. Ed. — This originally ran in print on Friday, June 7. A gallery of photos that ran with the original story appears at the… Continue Reading


Hoeft: In the wake of the mass shooting in Virginia Beach, seeking answers to evil

BY J.R. HOEFT Tragic. Senseless. Inexplicable. Terror. Hatred. Violent. Shocking. All words to describe what happened at the Virginia Beach Municipal Center, Building 2, the afternoon of Friday, May 31. “Life doesn’t have to be this way, and it shouldn’t… Continue Reading