Event home approach discussions continue in Sandbridge

BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE COURTHOUSE — Discussions about event homes are still underway, and city staffers working with residents of Sandbridge and those who represent owners of the homes have provided alternatives to a previous draft approach. Officials said that nothing… Continue Reading


City drafts ‘event home’ rules, seeks consensus about short term rentals among owners, Sandbridge community

BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE COURTHOUSE — The city staff has drafted rules that may lead to regulation of so-called event homes, mansions marketed as destinations for large gatherings, such as weddings and retreats, that have become a sore spot among some in… Continue Reading


Nearly two hundred meet to talk event homes in Sandbridge while city works toward rules

BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE SANDBRIDGE — City officials are still investigating approaches to dealing with event homes, mansions that have become an annoyance to some neighbors due to parties and special events that bring a large number of people and associated challenges such… Continue Reading


Agricultural reserve program restrictions complicate plans for L-Z Grace, returning warriors retreat

BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE COURTHOUSE — Landing-Zone Grace Warriors Retreat, a planned charitable destination for members of U.S. special operations forces who return from combat, faces an uncertain future because some planned activities on its land in Back Bay are restricted by a… Continue Reading


Beach eyes possible rules for ‘event home’ rentals in Sandbridge after some neighbors voice concerns

BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE COURTHOUSE –The city is looking into ways to better control the use of rental mansions that have become popular destinations for events such as weddings, reunions and business functions, but have also led to complaints that they essentially… Continue Reading