Ag commission has questions about new venue sought on farmland in rural Virginia Beach

Ed. — This archived story appeared in the Friday, Oct. 18, 2019, print edition. BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE COURTHOUSE –  Members of the Virginia Beach Agriculture Advisory Commission have concerns about a proposal to build an event venue on a horse farm… Continue Reading


Agriculture: Recent soggy weather can have a cost for Virginia Beach farmers

BY JANE BLOODWORTH ROWE PUNGO — This year’s growing season got off to a soggy start with heavy rains that damaged the strawberry crops and delayed planting for both grain and produce farmers. May’s hot, rainy weather damaged some strawberries,… Continue Reading


Letter: Virginia Beach agriculture commissioners oppose proposal to end farmland preservation program

Ed. — Virginia Beach Agriculture Advisory Commission Chairperson Diane Horsley and fellow members of the commission signed the following letter to Mayor Will Sessoms and members of the City Council on Monday, April 9, in opposition to a Friday, March 23,… Continue Reading


Heritage: Efforts to document private cemeteries continue in Virginia Beach

BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE SIGMA — On a February Sunday afternoon, Barbara Henley, a farmer who represents the Princess Anne District on the Virginia Beach City Council, traveled to the Cromwell family’s farm to examine a small, historic private graveyard near the… Continue Reading


Agriculture: With advisory committee support, Henley to explore reserve program approach in transition area — and farming research

BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE COURTHOUSE – Virginia Beach may consider whether the agricultural reserve program, which preserves farmland by purchasing development rights, can be used to address drainage issues in the transition area between the city’s suburban north and rural south. … Continue Reading


Virginia Beach Farm Bureau resolutions approved, board members picked

THE INDEPENDENT NEWS BACK BAY – Virginia Beach Farm Bureau members last month elected six officers to two-year terms of service on the board. The vote came during a meeting Thursday, Oct. 8, at the Creeds Ruritan Community Center, said… Continue Reading


With few closings due to low interest rates, city aims to make reserve program a stronger option for farmers

BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE COURTHOUSE — City officials are working to offset interest rates to encourage participation in the Agricultural Reserve Program, which pays farmers for development rights but has been in a slump due to low interest rates. A proposal… Continue Reading


Peanut patch in Pungo has folks picking plenty

BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE PUNGO — Farmer John Cromwell has peanuts alongside the pumpkins available at the family farm stand, Cromwell’s Produce on New Bridge Road. Around Hampton Roads, the crop is generally associated with Suffolk, but Cromwell said it takes well… Continue Reading


Farmers, landowners trade notes with city over drainage issues

BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE CREEDS – Landowners met with storm water management officials at the Creeds Ruritan Barn between April 27-29 to address concerns and trade notes with the city about runoff issues in the rural south of Virginia Beach. Many of… Continue Reading