Hoeft: After a divisive election, how we might run tomorrow’s race

BY J.R. HOEFT Consider this an opportunity and a wakeup call. If President Trump’s post-election press conference is any indication, in his mind, it will be neither. Despite an outstanding economy, strong foreign policy and two appointments to the Supreme… Continue Reading


Column: It’s the economy, stupid; but is it really so for Virginia voters?

BY J.R. HOEFT Next month, voters across Virginia and the country will exercise their right to choose their government. “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed,” writes Jefferson in The Declaration of… Continue Reading


Hoeft: Offshore resources may be worthy of exploration

BY J.R. HOEFT Recently, the public radio program “Science Friday” celebrated Cephalopod Week at its website. The humble, creepy and often mysterious Kraken has long been an object of amazement and a favorite of folklore. Every time I to tune… Continue Reading


Hoeft: We need to look into our own hearts while searching for moral ideals in divided American times

BY J.R. HOEFT   It’s been difficult to avoid the drama surrounding President Donald Trump, the nuances associated with those who are investigating him and a whirlwind of other misguided events that have been in the spotlight. Honestly, I have… Continue Reading


Hoeft: We have much in common, Virginia Beach — and much to discuss

BY J.R. HOEFT CHESAPEAKE — We live in an era that seems to reward the sound bite and the tweet. The more staccato and abrasive you are with your language, the more you are rewarded with attention. I am not that… Continue Reading


Media: Hoeft named publisher for conservative news, opinion outlets of Virginia Line Media

THE INDEPENDENT NEWS Virginia Line Media, LLC, parent company for conservative news and opinion outlets such as Bearing Drift, recently named Jim Hoeft as the publisher for all of the outlets produced under its umbrella. Hoeft founded Bearing Drift in… Continue Reading


Column: ‘Sense of the people’? Indeed, the Electoral College still works

BY JIM HOEFT CHESAPEAKE — “It was desirable that the sense of the people should operate in the choice of the person to whom so important a trust was to be confided,” Alexander Hamilton wrote in Federalist No. 68, the paper known… Continue Reading


Media: Bearing Drift, a conservative voice for Virginia, looks ahead

BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE J.R. Hoeft is again serving as editor-in-chief at Bearing Drift, the conservative blog, opinion and news source he founded in 2004.  Hoeft, a retired naval officer, is a communications consultant who has been active in Republican politics… Continue Reading