Worth Reading: On Pulitzer-winner Chernow’s biography of Hamilton

BY CORTNEY MORSE DOUCETTE VIRGINIA BEACH — Alexander Hamilton, Ron Chernow’s 2004 biography of the Founding Father, is a must read for American history enthusiasts, particularly those who may have overlooked this giant of the American finance system while he stood… Continue Reading


Column: Dealing with monuments — even ones reflecting our difficult past — should err on the side of preserving history

BY KAREN BEARDSLEE KWASNY VIRGINIA BEACH — When I was just a girl, my grandparents took me on what my family affectionately called the “Beardslee Graveyard Tour.” This title was given to these trips with my grandparents because not only… Continue Reading


Letter: Removing the Confederate monument in Virginia Beach cannot erase past we must remember

Dear Editor: I am completely perplexed as to why monuments that are more than 100 years old are suddenly under attack. I am also annoyed at the lack of knowledge as to what they represent and the reason they are… Continue Reading


Essay: Confederate monument remembering local dead is a piece of Virginia Beach and Princess Anne County history we should preserve

BY KENNETH R. HARRIS VIRGINIA BEACH — With all the controversy surrounding our Confederate monuments as of late, I would like to enlighten you with a little history about the Confederate monument right here in Virginia Beach and the former Princess Anne… Continue Reading


Column: Why I started a petition to remove the Confederate monument at the Virginia Beach municipal center

BY TESSA FOWLER VIRGINIA BEACH — Did you know there is a statue in Virginia Beach that has a Confederate soldier on top? Confederate soldiers fought for slavery. The statue is in the same spot where people used to sell slaves… Continue Reading


All the way from Alaska, new director aims to build relationships at Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach

BY JANE BLOODWORTH ROWE BACK BAY — Growing up in Alaska, where small planes are used routinely for transportation, Jarod Hoogland became so interested in aircraft that he decided to carve out a career in aviation history. Hoogland, who formerly worked… Continue Reading


Produce, past merge in Virginia Beach at Henley’s at Pleasant Ridge

THE INDEPENDENT NEWS PUNGO — Even as Henley’s at Pungo Ridge prepared to open in mid-May, merging sale of Henley Farms produce downstairs to an expansion of Barbara Murden Henley’s ongoing efforts to research local history, Henley herself acknowledged that it… Continue Reading


History: Seeking volunteers to document family cemeteries

THE INDEPENDENT NEWS PUNGO — The research group at the Senior Resource Center, Inc., in Creeds will build upon and update historical data documenting family cemeteries in the former Princess Anne County, and those involved in the effort seek help… Continue Reading