Farmer John: Building a garden starts with healthy, living soil

BY J.D. WILSON SIGMA — I call it the garden of eatin’.  I love that fresh food, and I love working – really, playing – in the garden.  It’s rewarding just to stand there observing the bees, butterflies and flowers. Or maybe slipping… Continue Reading


Column: Summertime and the bounty of my grandparents’ garden

BY LISA VERSPRILLE BURKETT SANDBRIDGE — When we recently moved into our house in Sandbridge, we made time for dragging out some planters and getting our early tomato plants in the soil. Summertime allows adults to reminisce about summers as a… Continue Reading


Farmer John: An agriculture economy on our scale

BY J.D. WILSON VIRGINIA BEACH — Pop quiz: Which of the following terms does not fit with the others? GDP, trade wars, tariffs, short-term profit calculations, quarterly reports, soil stewardship, derivatives, the Gaussian copula formula. The what? That last one is real,… Continue Reading


Us: Virginia Beach Master Gardener Stacie McGraw

BY STACIE MCGRAW I was an accidental volunteer – helping out at my daughters’ schools, participating in other organizations – but never feeling that I was making a real difference until I found the Virginia Beach Master Gardener program. It was… Continue Reading


Farmer John: I learned to love the land, what it gives us — and sustaining it

BY J.D. WILSON SIGMA — I can still remember the smells of my first garden back home in small town Indiana. I walked into the garden, saltshaker in hand. I was heading to the big boy tomatoes. My bare feet remember the… Continue Reading


Farmer John: Farmers and consumers reap benefits from local food systems

“‘Ere long, the most valuable of all arts will be the art of deriving a comfortable subsistence from the smallest area of soil. No community whose every member possesses this art can ever be the victim of oppression in any… Continue Reading


Essay: Making things grow in a Virginia Beach community garden

BY DENISE FINKBEINER HOLDEN VIRGINIA BEACH — I’m no farmer, but I can get stuff to grow. Whether I can get family to eat all their vegetables is another matter.  I planted myself out of our Strawbridge-area yard a while… Continue Reading


Students learn about gardening, composting and more at Creeds Elementary School in Virginia Beach

BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE CREEDS — Students at Creeds Elementary School demonstrated a compost tumbler that helps them – and some helpful worms – keep a garden at the rural school. This was the last day of school, and there were high… Continue Reading


Attracting butterflies, hummingbirds to a Virginia Beach garden

BY JANE BLOODWORTH ROWE VIRGINIA BEACH — Hummingbirds fascinate us and butterflies delight us, but how do you lure them into your garden? It’s not hard, local gardeners and butterfly enthusiasts say, if you select the right plants and remember a… Continue Reading