Farmer John: Building a garden starts with healthy, living soil

BY J.D. WILSON SIGMA — I call it the garden of eatin’.  I love that fresh food, and I love working – really, playing – in the garden.  It’s rewarding just to stand there observing the bees, butterflies and flowers. Or maybe slipping… Continue Reading


Farmer John: Healthier, nutritious meals for our local communities now — and for our future selves

BY J.D. WILSON SIGMA — Consider eating a diet of the lab-made stuff seen in the movie The Matrix starring Keanu Reeves. It was a tan mush, and it looked and tasted the same every day, but it did have all the… Continue Reading


Farmer John: We need to stop treating sustainable agriculture practices as edgy ideas

BY J.D. WILSON SIGMA — I read a book, Children of the Mind, by the science fiction writer Orson Scott Card, which used the terms “edge nations” and “center nations” to discuss cultures on the fringe compared to dominant ones.  I then… Continue Reading


Farmer John: Searching for balance in our world, systems that produce our food

BY J.D. WILSON SIGMA — We experienced the fall equinox on Monday, Sept. 23. The Earth was poised between light and dark, day and night. Now, on our side of the planet, we are heading more toward night, toward dark.  We… Continue Reading


Farmer John: Benefits of managing livestock in a regional food system

BY J.D. WILSON VIRGINIA BEACH — There are a couple of lines of thought about livestock practices that are at odds. I understand central points of each. Some people with plant-based diets suggest eliminating meat altogether will help save the planet.… Continue Reading


Farmer John: Author and farmer looks back at the legacy of black farmers — and ahead toward a better future

BY J.D. WILSON RICHMOND — Leah Penniman is a bright light with lots to say, and we need to hear her messages about farming, society, justice and our future. I recently met her in Richmond during the Virginia Association for Biological… Continue Reading


Farmer John: Hard-working honeybees need a helping hand

BY J.D. WILSON VIRGINIA BEACH — All hail the mighty, tiny, flying teddy bear of the insect world – the honey bee. I love them because, well, I have to admit I really love honey. I have a sweet tooth a… Continue Reading


Farmer John: On awareness and becoming Jefferson’s people

BY J.D. WILSON SIGMA — Don’t worry, political junkies, the space between elections seems to be getting shorter. Those who live for this should just take a deep breath and dive right back in. I’m just glad the ugly ads on… Continue Reading


Farmer John: There are some good ideas and reasons for concern regarding an ‘agrihood’ in Pungo

[Updated on Sept. 22] Ed. — The developers of Harvest Farms are in the process of redesigning the proposal, including its density. The revised project may go to the Virginia Beach Planning Commission in November, though that is not certain. BY… Continue Reading