Letter: There is no excuse for ending the agricultural reserve program

Dear Editor: I grew up in Pungo at Vaughan Farms, and I now live in Massachusetts. It baffles me that here in Massachusetts, where people think “city,” municipalities actively seek to purchase open land and green space from citizens to… Continue Reading


This weekend’s Winter Wildlife Festival connects you with ‘watchable wildlife’ in Virginia Beach and beyond

BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE VIRGINIA BEACH — The Winter Wildlife Festival this weekend will feature a number of exhibitions and activities for families and outdoors lovers at the Princess Anne Recreation Center and the Princess Anne Area Library next door. But that’s… Continue Reading


Agriculture: 2015 Virginia Beach Farm Bureau resolutions

BY THE VIRGINIA BEACH FARM BUREAU Ed. — The following is a summary of Virginia Beach County Farm Bureau 2015 Resolutions approved by producer members Thursday, Oct. 8. These have been edited for style and length. Locally, Virginia Beach Farm… Continue Reading