Column: A citizen’s empowering relationship with Ruth Hodges Fraser, Virginia Beach’s city clerk

BY LINDA RUSSELL VIRGINIA BEACH — Unless you attend the city council meetings or other events, such as those involving the Sister Cities chapter in Virginia Beach, you might not recognize her face or know her name. She is not a… Continue Reading


Column: ‘Thank you for your service’

BY PAT GALLAGHER VIRGINIA BEACH — Service is the act of helping another person. Librarians, store clerks and tollbooth collectors all perform important services, though it may simply be part of one’s job description.  The local farmer who grows the food… Continue Reading


Column: Singing along to lyrics — at least, as I remember them

BY LISA BURKETT SANDBRIDGE — I sing a lot – at the top of my lungs, especially when walking on the beach in the winter.  Bob, my boyfriend, brings his Bluetooth speaker, and I sing to country rock, Fleetwood Mac and other… Continue Reading


Column: With festival, a celebration of the value of Virginia Beach agriculture

Ed. note — This column ran in print shortly before the 34th annual Pungo Strawberry Festival. BY DAVID TRIMMER VIRGINIA BEACH — It is a great time of year as we approach Memorial Day. Our daylight grows by the day, the agriculture… Continue Reading


Column: Girl Scouts empowers girls — and it has value for adults, too

BY ANGELA SANDELIER PUNGO — In 1929, there were only 117 female pilots in the U.S. Amelia Earhart invited them all to join together to provide support for one another. They named their group The Ninety-Nines to represent its 99 charter… Continue Reading


Column: Continuing the work of connecting Hampton Roads law enforcement, LGBT communities

BY MICHAEL BERLUCCHI Departments in all seven major Hampton Roads cities have now appointed liaison officers to serve as a bridge between police and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, or LGBT, people. The latest to step into this role is… Continue Reading


Column: A Virginia Beach mom speaks out against prejudice in life and online

BY CHONA SANTANDER O’GALVIN VIRGINIA BEACH — There are a few things that are obvious to people when they meet me: I’m short. I’m not white. I am unabashedly Filipino-American – and I wear that hyphenation with pride. My skin is… Continue Reading