Agriculture: Remembering Elsie Creekmore, matriarch of a Virginia Beach farming family

Ed. — This story originally ran in print on Dec. 21, 2018. BY JANE BLOODWORTH ROWE VIRGINIA BEACH – Some people marry into money or fame, but those who married Elsie V. Creekmore’s children and grandchildren understood that they were marrying… Continue Reading


Garden guardians — plants that keep mosquitos, insects away in summer

BY JANE BLOODWORTH ROWE VIRGINIA BEACH — Got mosquitoes? Get plants. That’s the advice of local outdoor enthusiasts, who swear by the insect-repelling properties of some common herbs, including citronella, mint and lavender. Even some wild plants, including bayberry, may repel… Continue Reading


Pumpkins, squash, other offerings at local produce markets — for now

BY JANE BLOODWORTH ROWE PUNGO — Some consumers may associate local produce with the sweet corn and tomatoes of summer, but the growing season keeps going here even after frost has blackened the last tomato. Now’s the time for sweet potatoes,… Continue Reading