An ‘agrihood’ may come to Pungo, but some Virginia Beach officials are unsure whether it fits transition area

BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE PUNGO — Developers including Bill DeSteph, a state senator and former member of the city council, have plans for land on either side of Princess Anne Road near the Pungo stoplight that could bring more than 100… Continue Reading


What is Pungo? Well, that depends.

BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE PUNGO — Is Pungo a magisterial district from years past? A former city voting borough? An unincorporated village encompassing roughly a mile around the light at Princess Anne and Indian River roads? The crossroads of the world (where sometimes it’s mighty… Continue Reading


In Ashville Park subdivision near Pungo, an effort to end rise in property crimes involving unlocked autos

BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE ASHVILLE PARK — Local Girl Scouts were among those who visited this neighborhood off Princess Anne Road near Pungo on Saturday, March 11, to knock on every door. They delivered a simple pitch. Though it was cookie… Continue Reading


Budget: Virginia Beach proposal would raise taxes for all day kindergarten, restore agricultural reserve money

BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE COURTHOUSE – Virginia Beach City Manager Dave Hansen on Tuesday, March 28, unveiled a spending plan that would raise real estate taxes to help establish full-day kindergarten throughout the city while redirecting money from a previous property… Continue Reading


Targeted approaches in First Precinct to address different challenges in Ashville Park, Sandbridge

BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE COURTHOUSE – Police Capt. David Squires, commanding officer of the First Precinct, said police are working in two different neighborhoods in southern Virginia Beach that are facing challenges involving different property crimes.  In Sandbridge, a residential neighborhood that… Continue Reading


Agriculture: With advisory committee support, Henley to explore reserve program approach in transition area — and farming research

BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE COURTHOUSE – Virginia Beach may consider whether the agricultural reserve program, which preserves farmland by purchasing development rights, can be used to address drainage issues in the transition area between the city’s suburban north and rural south. … Continue Reading


Easy Rides: Stealing of and from automobiles a growing problem the public often does not prevent

BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE COURTHOUSE — If only in terms of crimes involving cars, 2016 ended for Virginia Beach with an unfortunate consistency with what had come before – a wave of larcenies from automobiles in two neighborhoods near Pungo.  On different… Continue Reading


Town hall meeting planned for June 29 in response to rural crime concerns, other topics; police to continue outreach but no resource shift

Ed. — This story was updated on Tuesday, June 28, to include information on a suspect in motor vehicle theft cases. BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE COURTHOUSE — Virginia Beach’s planned response to concerns about recent property crimes, including stolen cars, will involve continued… Continue Reading


Calls for common sense, vigilance following thefts from — and of — cars in Virginia Beach’s south

BY JOHN-HENRY DOUCETTE COURTHOUSE – People in the city’s rural reaches are urged to be extra vigilant in the wake of thefts from cars – and thefts of cars – in the Pungo area, though some residents want police to… Continue Reading