From the Editor: Finding The Indy’s voter guide in print, next year’s publication dates



BACK BAY — I have extra copies of our voter guide, which includes Q&As with candidates for City Council and School Board in Virginia Beach. I usually print extra of this voter guide, one of the most popular editions each year along with the Pungo Strawberry Festival paper.

I’ve left some extras at popular pickup spots such as the Virginia Beach Farmers Market and our boxes at the 7-Eleven in Pungo, R-Co in Creeds, Walgreens at Red Mill, Sandbridge Market and Blackwater Trading Post. Even after the guide leaves the stands, I’ll hold on to some of the extra run in case folks want them before Election Day.

The guide went online this week, of course, but some folks prefer the print edition. Please reach out if you want a copy. If you represent a business or organization that wants additional copies of the voter guide, please text me via (757) 502-5393. I can deliver, usually overnight, to a business or organization’s address and leave bagged copies.

I don’t deliver to residential addresses because a guy who looks like me and wearing an anti-Covid bandana mask while rolling up to your house in a Chevy Silverado at 3 a.m. is not going to work out terrific for any of us.

The guide will likely be published earlier next year. I have a feeling early voting will be with us for a while – even after the emergency ends. There may be hiccups, but it will be a hard bell to unring.

Hopefully, we’ll know who the president is by then. Kidding. I hope.

The Indy’s 2021 publication dates are pretty much set in stone, and they follow. As always, we publish 25 editions during the year, every other Sunday with scheduled breaks in late July and December.

Due to our relatively new printing schedule, in which we shifted from Fridays to Sundays, the paper that coincides with the Pungo Strawberry Festival will publish the weekend before the festival itself so I can deliver before the festival. That one is May 23.

That is a popular paper for advertising, so it is best to reserve a spot very early in the year if you want to be in that paper.

Our planned schedule:

  • Jan. 3, 17 and 31
  • Feb. 14 and 28
  • March 14 and 28
  • April 11 and 25
  • May 9 and 23
  • June 6 and 20
  • July 4 and 18
  • Aug. 8 and 22
  • Sept. 5 and 19
  • Oct. 3, 17 and 31
  • Nov. 14 and 28
  • Dec. 12.

Then my wife gets me back, remembers what I’m like, and hopefully we do this thing all over again.

Cortney and I recently celebrated our anniversary with our first dinner out together since the novel coronavirus shutdowns kicked in back in the spring.

We’ve been doing a bit of takeout, especially from our favorite spots like Lago Mar Pizza, Monk’s Place and Whiskey Kitchen. We live pretty well down in the county so we don’t have a ton of delivery options, and most of the time we love to cook with fresh produce and fruit from our farming friends. So it has been takeout or home cooking.

Because we have kids and loved ones who could be at higher risk, we’ve been hesitant to go out together to a restaurant. This was kind of a big deal. And it was great. We went to a restaurant at Red Mill we’ve tried once before and had a nice meal. I won’t name the spot because, through no fault of their own, they were empty on a Monday evening.

One of the reasons we felt comfortable is because we were alone in there. And, for once, I was the best looking guy in the joint.The only guy, of course. But I wish they were not empty. This is all to say I hope we will support the restaurant industry however we can when it is safe and practical to do so. They are not out of the woods.

We’re still feeling things out as consumers. I know a lot of you are feeling things out, too. But, as you can, don’t forget the little businesses that give our community flavor. If you are in a position to do so, please support them. They are a good investment.

Thanks for reading.

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