Ed. — The following information is based upon a sample ballot guide available from the Virginia Beach Department of Voter Registration & Elections.

U.S. President & Vice President

[Vote for one]

Joseph R. Biden, president, and Kamala D. Harris, vice president [D]

Donald J. Trump, president, and Michael R. Pence, vice president [R]

Jo Jorgensen, president, and Jeremy F. “Spike” Cohen, vice president [L]

U.S. Senate

[Vote for one]

Mark R. Warner [D]

Daniel M. Gade [R]

U.S. House of Representatives, 2nd District

[Vote for one]

Elaine G. Luria [D]

Scott W. Taylor [R]

David Bruce Foster [I]

Virginia Beach Mayor

[Vote for one]

Robert M. “Bobby” Dyer

Jody M. Wagner

Richard W. “RK” Kowalewitch

Virginia Beach City Council, At Large

[Vote for one]

Rosemary A. Wilson

Brandon C. Hutchins

Nadine Marie Paniccia

Virginia Beach City Council, Centerville

[Vote for one]

Eric V. Wray II

Sabrina D. Wooten

Virginia Beach City Council, Kempsville

[Vote for one]

Jessica P. Abbott

William J. “Bill” Dale

Virginia Beach City Council, Rose Hall

[Vote for one]

Michael F. Berlucchi

C. Conrad Schesventer II

Garry B. Hubbard

Virginia Beach School Board, At Large

[Vote for not more than two]

Beverly M. Anderson

Victoria C. Manning

Matthias Paul Telkamp

Jeffrey A. “Doc” Feld

Lauren L. Logan

Virginia Beach School Board, Centerville

[Vote for one]

Trenace Basnight Riggs

Luis M. Cortes III

Virginia Beach School Board, Kempsville

[Vote for one]

Jennifer S. Franklin

Daniel D. “Dan” Edwards

Virginia Beach School Board, Rose Hall

[Vote for one]

Joanna L. Moran

Jessica L. Owens

Proposed Virginia State Constitutional Amendments

[Overviews from the Virginia Department of Elections]

Constitutional Amendment #1

Should the Constitution of Virginia be amended to establish a redistricting commission, consisting of eight members of the General Assembly and eight citizens of the Commonwealth, that is responsible for drawing the congressional and state legislative districts that will be subsequently voted on, but not changed by, the General Assembly and enacted without the Governor’s involvement and to give the responsibility of drawing districts to the Supreme Court of Virginia if the redistricting commission fails to draw districts or the General Assembly fails to enact districts by certain deadlines?

[Vote yes or no]

Constitutional Amendment #2

Should an automobile or pickup truck that is owned and used primarily by or for a veteran of the United States armed forces or the Virginia National Guard who has a one hundred percent service-connected, permanent, and total disability be free from state and local taxation?

[Vote yes or no]


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