Notebook: Finance director raising political money for state delegate facing reelection has the same name as the opponent; cue the confusion


VIRGINIA BEACH — There are two Shannon Kanes in the fair city of Virginia Beach who are involved in the same political contest this year. One Shannon Kane is a candidate challenging an incumbent state delegate. The other Shannon Kane is working to defeat Shannon Kane. 

It is important to understand up front that one Shannon Kane and the other Shannon Kane are different people who are not related. 

Because this may get intense.

So the first Shannon Kane is the Shannon Kane who until this spring served on the Virginia Beach City Council in the Rose Hall District. This Shannon Kane is the Republican challenger to state Del. Kelly Fowler, a Democrat, in the 21st House District race.

A whole other Shannon Kane is the Fowler campaign’s finance director and, as such, is raising money to defeat Shannon Kane. This has led to some confusion when people get a message from a Shannon Kane who is raising money for Kelly Fowler, rather than, you know, for Shannon Kane.

Got that? Of course you do. You, dear reader, are a smart cookie and a beautiful butterfly all rolled into one. However, please do not actually roll those two things together.

So how does one Shannon Kane end up working in opposition to another Shannon Kane?

“It was a job requirement,” Fowler quipped on Tuesday, Sept. 4, outside Virginia Beach City Hall.  

She seemed to be kidding.

This Shannon Kane — meaning the one working with the Fowler camp — hails from Castleton. She is a graduate of Princess Anne High School and the University of Richmond. She has worked on other campaigns in Virginia, too, and she has known for some time that she is not the only Shannon Kane around Virginia Beach.

“I took a picture in front of one of her signs in high school because I thought it was funny,” the Shannon Kane working with Fowler said about a campaign sign spotted back when the other Shannon Kane was running for City Council.

The Shannon Kane who works for Fowler even gave Notebook a business card that has Fowler’s name on one side. Naturally, Shannon Kane’s name is on the other side. Notebook has been turning it over and over, just trying to make sense of it all.

Again, it is not hard to understand how this has led to some confusion when someone named Shannon Kane reaches out to potential donors on behalf of Kelly Fowler. Some associates of Shannon Kane, the candidate, have been confused, even worried the candidate had been hacked, according to Shannon Kane, the candidate. 

“People are wondering why I’m sending them fundraising letters on behalf of Kelly Fowler,” she said.

She super-duper is not doing that.

“OK, Republicans, please know it is not the real Shannon Kane,” added the Shannon Kane who is the Shannon Kane running for office, not the Shannon Kane not doing that.

And if the candidate could find some whole other Kelly Fowler out there? 

“Believe me, I’d go out and hire her.”

Chesapeake Mayor Rick West endorsed state Del. Barry Knight, a Virginia Beach Republican who is seeking reelection in the 81st House District. Knight faces challenger Len Myers, a Democrat. The 81st District includes parts of Chesapeake and Virginia Beach, including much of rural Virginia Beach and communities such as Sandbridge.

And Knight’s annual Fall Festival fundraising event is scheduled from 12:30 p.m. to 3 p.m., Sunday, Sept 22, at the Military Aviation Museum, 1341 Princess Anne Road. Food includes BBQ, chicken and fixings by Pungo Catering and ice cream by Mr. Softee. Entertainment includes the Symphonic Artistry Wind Ensemble and the Silver Tappers. Tickets are $20 per person or $35 per family. Call (757) 426-6387 or email for information.

Knight, a farmer, also is among the Virginia General Assembly candidates endorsed by the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation AgPAC. According to a statement by that organization, the following candidates in our coverage area have been endorsed: Knight, a Republican incumbent, in the 81st House District; Republican incumbent Jason Miyares in the 82nd House District; Republican incumbent Chris Stolle in the 83rd House District; Republican incumbent Glenn Davis in the 84th House District; Democrat Alex Askew in the 85th House District; Republican incumbent Bill DeSteph in the 8th Senate District and Republican incumbent John Cosgrove in the 14th Senate District.

Pungo Publishing Co., LLC, which publishes The Independent News, is an associate member of Virginia Beach Farm Bureau. The newspaper is not involved with policy recommendations or decisions about political endorsements. Additionally, the newspaper does not endorse political candidates.

Virginia Beach Police Benevolent Association Local 34 endorsed state Del. Glenn Davis, a Virginia Beach Republican seeking reelection in the 84th House District. Davis faces challenger Karen Mallard, a Democrat. The seat is contained within the city of Virginia Beach, including some communities in the southern city.

Richard “R.K.” Kowalewitch, a candidate for the Beach District seat on the City Council, hosts a fundraising event and a rally to save Rudee Loop in the Beach District special election at 6 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 17, at South Beach Grill, 1091 Norfolk Avenue. The event includes live music by the Tiki Bar Band. Follow the event on Facebook for more information or reach the candidate at (757) 831-6143. Kowalewitch faces two current members of the City Council in the special election for the district seat. They are Councilmembers Guy Tower, who represents the Beach District, and Rosemary Wilson, who currently holds an at-large seat. Earlier this year, Tower was appointed to represent the district temporarily until the special election is determined.

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