Us: Navy Petty Officer Mark Thomas Mahmod of Naval Air Station Oceana

Petty Officer Mark Thomas Mahmod [Courtesy/U.S. Navy]

NAVAL AIR STATION OCEANA — One important lesson I’ve learned through my short time of military service is to never quit.

Occasionally, I find myself thinking, “I don’t know where I’d be today if it wasn’t for the Navy.” 

If I would’ve let myself fail on the way here, I would’ve never had the opportunity to do the awesome things I do every week.

If I ever find myself struggling and wanting to quit something, I think of the unknown – the things I may never get to experience. 

The mass communication school I went through is one of the most difficult schools in the Navy. 

Plenty of people do not make it through. 

Not only is it academically challenging, it is also mentally, emotionally and physically exhausting. 

If I were to let myself quit, I wouldn’t be doing the things I love here at Naval Air Station Oceana,  such as taking photos of some of the coolest aircraft in the world and meeting some awesome people. 

If I would’ve quit along the way, I wouldn’t even know what I was missing.

Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Mark Thomas Mahmod, a native of Mahanoy City, Pa., is a mass communication specialist assigned to Naval Air Station Oceana.

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