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Jahmelle Sherman [The Princess Anne Independent News]

I volunteer because I believe in service to your community. There is a great deal of personal satisfaction in giving of your time and energy for the greater good. When you volunteer, you do it knowing the only paycheck is a deep satisfaction that you’ve helped, filled a need or met a goal. 

I started volunteering when I was a teenager in high school working with Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. The military instilled in me the service-to-others mentality that carried on later in life. 

My personal need to volunteer to serve others came about when my Mom was dying from cancer. I helped care for her through those difficult months, and, when she died, it opened a hole in me to do more to help others. Shortly after she passed, I became aware that the rescue squad that had assisted us at the end consisted of volunteers. I guess you could say that was an “aha” moment. I knew where I wanted to direct my service to the community.

What I have learned is that you can learn a lot about yourself by giving to others. There are always a few hours of your time that can be directed toward others. That is service. Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

My service now extends to Virginia Beach Emergency Medical Services, Virginia Beach Community Emergency Response Team, known as CERT, and the Virginia Beach Police Department. 

While my passion for service lies with public safety, others may feel that same passion for other causes. Find your passion, no matter how great or small, and you will never feel that the time given towards that passion is a hardship or sacrifice. 

Sherman is the human resources officer for volunteers with the Virginia Beach EMS. Visit for information about volunteering with the squads or email

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