One home along Sandbridge Road has an illuminating message for passersby. [The Independent News]
Dear Editor:

Merriam-Webster defines kindness as the quality or state of being sympathetic or helpful; having a forbearing nature

Dozens of songs and poems have been written about kindness. The Bible espouses the Golden Rule.  

But, what does it mean to us? 

We believe it begins by having the ability to view any subject from the point of view of another. However, kindness is not as simple as acquiescing to others’ beliefs. 

Having the patience to consider all sides of a situation, one must make a calculation that any action taken or words spoken will be done to help the most people and hurt the least number.

To be kind to mankind is to be utilitarian.

Bill and Molly Brown, Sandbridge

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2 thoughts on “Letter: To be kind to mankind

  1. That house is where my daughter and her family live….She is the kindest, most caring woman I know. I am so glad her message has reached out and touched someone

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