Letter: In support of staffing a Virginia Beach fire engine at Fort Story to reduce response times

Dear Editor:

The Virginia Beach Professional Firefighters would like to go on the record in support of the staffing of a Virginia Beach Fire Department fire engine on base at Fort Story. We believe the proposed staffing will help to ensure the safety of the citizens and our members.

The reduced response times will allow us to assist the citizens faster in emergency medical services and fire situations in the North End and significantly improve services. The shared facility will provide the improved services without the normal land and facilities acquisition and construction costs at significant savings to our community.

We share an outstanding relationship with the federal firefighters in our area and welcome the opportunity to share a facility with them. While there are still details to be worked out in daily procedures, living conditions and responsibilities between the Virginia Beach Fire Department and Fort Story, we believe these issues are minor and will be addressed by the departments. 

I ask for Virginia Beach City Council support for this life and cost saving proposal.

— William P. Bailey, Virginia Beach

Bailey is president of Virginia Beach Professional Firefighters Local 2924.

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