Public Safety: In Landstown, a reminder about locking cars and removing weapons

Virginia Beach police Lt. C.A. Hammond, evening shift commander in the First Precint, speaks during a citizens advisory committee meeting at Landstown Community Church on Tuesday, Oct. 3. [John-Henry Doucette/The Princess Anne Independent News]

LANDSTOWN – City police issued another reminder that citizens should remove valuables from their cars and lock them when they are unattended. It came during the Tuesday, Oct. 3, meeting of the First Precinct Citizens Advisory Committee at Landstown Community Church, and the nearby community was the example.

Master Police Officer Brad Detrich from the crime prevention unit shared numbers of larcenies from motor vehicles in the Landstown area since April 2016. Of 17 reported crimes, 11 involved unlocked vehicles, three involved locked cars, and the others were unknown. Larcenies from motor vehicles and motor vehicle thefts often are preventable crimes when people keep their cars locked and remove valuables, including guns, when vehicles are unattended. 

Detrich reminded citizens during the meeting that the department has a public information campaign, “Beep It to Keep It,” that helps remind citizens to lock cars and, through signs kept in vehicles, lets potential thieves know no valuables are in a car.

He also addressed a relationship between larcenies from autos and stolen guns. “All of our numbers show guns are being stolen from cars that are unlocked,” Detrich said.

Also speaking during the meeting, Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Tom Murphy credited city police with apprehending the criminals behind some larceny from motor vehicle cases in Virginia Beach.

“These guys are catching a lot of the car thieves,” Murphy said.

Citizens can help police prevent crimes.

Police Lt. C.A. Hammond, an evening shift commander in the First Precinct, noted that the takeaway for citizens is that they can help by locking their cars — after removing all valuables, including weapons.

“That’s the biggest thing,” he said.

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