Letter: Our children look to their elders to see how we see them

Dear Editor:

As I was driving down Shipps Corner Road to take my grandson to work a few years back, he asked why I was closer to the edge of the road than I was to the center lane. I explained that I was more comfortable not being so close to the two yellow lines, just in case someone who was turning onto the road came a little too close.

Then I jokingly asked him why he was questioning the way that I was driving and asked him if he wanted to drive. He said no because then I would be yelling at him. He only had a permit at that time.

I laughed and asked him why we don’t like it when someone yells or criticizes us for things that we do? He said that it all starts when we are kids and we start to school. We bring home that first drawing, and Mom is so proud that she puts it on the fridge.

We can’t wait to go to school the next day to make another drawing. We bring that drawing home, but it isn’t as good as yesterday’s so it doesn’t get put on the fridge. We are not so enthusiastic to make another drawing.  

Whatever we do in life, we expect the person that we are working for, presenting papers to, etc., to like what we are doing.

With school just starting, I would just like to remind all of you to put the drawings on the fridge because when we think that children aren’t looking, they really are.

Don’t worry. You can get rid of them, if you wish, along with the Halloween costumes, backpacks and all of the other stuff that you have saved when they start middle school. 

In fact they will be begging you to do that. 

– Linda Russell, Cardinal Estates

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