After recent last run, the annual Colt races at Christopher Farms will not return

Samari Gregory, a 7-year-old in second grade at Christopher Farms Elementary School, run in the final Colt spring fundraising race. The event lacked enough participation for a 5K this year. Organizers hope for another event to support the school. [John-Henry Doucette/The Princess Anne Independent News]

CHRISTOPHER FARMS – A year after it had returned, said the Colt 5K and One Mile Fun Run at Christopher Farms Elementary School made its final lap in May, but a number of families and young runners sent the event organized by the Parent-Teacher Association off in style in a one-mile run.

There wasn’t enough support for the 5K this year, and organizers said the PTA will look for another fundraising event next your to benefit the educations and students here. That aside, there was much to appreciate during the race, which had strong support from runners and sponsors in the community.

“One-hundred percent of the proceeds are going to go back to the PTA, and back to the students and teachers,” said Jessica Bueno, who organized the run for the PTA.

“It’s going great,” said Teri Breaux, the school principal, after the fun run started. “It’s a fun day to come out and cheer them on, and it’s great to see so many parents running with their kids this year.”

The run was a family event, and Larry Mewborn was there to cross the finish line with grandchildren Samari Gregory, 7, and Anaiya Gregory, 9, both Christopher Farms students. The best part for them?

“Being able to participate with the kids,” Mewborn said.

“That I got to run with my grandpa,” Anaiya Gregory added.

Holly Virella, president of the PTA, said Bueno did a great job organizing the event. Bueno said she hopes another fundraiser next year will get the community together — and give families a healthy activity, too.

In the Mile Fun Run, the top finishers were:

Female [1-6]: Olivia Palcic, 6

Female [7-8]: Jade Virella, 7

Female [9-10]: Abby Palcic, 10

Female [11-12]: Mia Bueno, 11

Male [1-6]: Grayson Manny, 5

Male [7-8]: Colin Rose, 8

Male [9-10]: Oliver Scott, 9

Male [10-11]: Nathan Palcic, 11

Winners from the fun run. [The Princess Anne Independent News]

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