From the Vault: Strawberry tacos a draw for Charity United Methodist Church at Pungo Strawberry Festival

Jay Deguzman of Virginia Beach samples a strawberry taco on Saturday, May 27, during the Pungo Strawberry Festival. [John-Henry Doucette/The Princess Anne Independent News]
Ed. note — This story originally ran in the June 10, 2016, print edition of The Independent News.


PUNGO — The taco shell is made from a waffle cone, and what fills it is sweet – fresh local strawberries, confectioners sugar and whipped cream.

It’s a simple recipe that works for Charity United Methodist Church.

The dessert, made during the Pungo Strawberry Festival by members of Pungo congregation, is a popular attraction that benefits church youth efforts.

So popular in fact, that people missed it when the church took a break from selling them before returning a few years ago.

Chuck Lewis and Patrick Keenan, both members of the church and former youth leaders, remain committed to the strawberry tacos and what they mean to young people and the community.

“We resurrected it, and we got the youth directly involved,” Lewis said.

“It’s a great community outreach,” Keenan said. “It’s a great opportunity for the church to get together. It’s a great opportunity to support the youth.”

The tacos started in 2006 as a way to pay for a new building that had been built for the church, and they raised a few thousand dollars toward that goal.

Since 2012, when the tacos returned, they have grown as a source of funds to pay for youth programs.

They can bring in more than $8,000 in one fundraising effort.

And the prices haven’t changed.

“One for $3,” Keenan said, “two for $5.”

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