Letter: There are many ways to get involved in Virginia Beach

Dear Editor:

Even before your Friday, Nov. 11, edition of The Independent News and your column [“The work doesn’t stop in Washington, D.C.”] you have encourged us to get involved. I would have to agree.

I would also like to add that we have six members of the House of Delegates and two in the Virginia Senate who are from Virginia Beach. Most of them were on city council, planning and other city offices before going to Richmond.

In getting involved, we cross the paths of these folks before they make it to Richmond, and they know who we are.

A few years back, The Virginian-Pilot printed in their opinion page that we citizens weren’t involved enough. I disagreed and told them how involved that I was. They agreed with me, but they said that we needed more folks involved.

I see now that more are involved, and I do hope that they will stick with it.

I’m sure that you have noticed like I have that a lot of folks come to planning commission, city council and the First Precinct Citizens Advisory Committee, but only once or twice, and it’s usually for something that involves them.

Linda Russell, Cardinal Estates

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