West Neck artist, photographer put on a show for their own community

West Neck residents, neighbors and artists Pam Monahan and Patricia DeHart recenty had a show of their work at West Neck Village Hall. [John-Henry Doucette/The Princess Anne Independent News]

WEST NECK — Pam Monahan, a photographer who also produces digital paintings from some of her images, and Patricia DeHart, a painter who works in oils, are friends and neighbors in the West Neck community.

They held a show of their work and reception at West Neck Village Hall on Sunday, Nov. 20. Images of wildlife and nature were on display and for sale.

“We live next door to each other,” Monahan said. “We’ve kind of worn a path. I can see her in her studio from my back yard. She’s always in her studio.”

Monahan said she has been shooting seriously for six years, but she was always the family photographer.

“There’s no pictures of me because I took them all,” she said.

Working as a volunteer with a wildlife rehabilitator helped fuel her interest and get close to her subjects, including eagles. Images in the show also included a West Neck eagle that flew over her deck.

DeHart started painting fulltime eight years ago, and she also teaches painting. Her work includes coastal images. She also paints pet portraits, works on commission and sometimes paints from Monahan’s photos.

“It’s a great friendship and a great partnership,” Monahan said.

“She is nice enough to let me use her photographs for some of my paintings,” DeHart said.

DeHart often travels to sell her work at shows, and she said it was good to exhibit work in her own community.

“It’s nice not to go but half a mile,” she said. “Friends and neighbors get to see work, and this is a great place to have a show.”

Find out more about DeHart’s work via dehartdesigns.com. Follow Monahan on Facebook at I Shoot Birds, etc. – Pam Monahan Photography.

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