2016 Virginia Beach Elections: Questions for Virginia Beach City Council, Centerville District

Ed. note — The Independent News asked City Councilmember Bobby Dyer, an unopposed incumbent for the Virginia Beach City Council Centerville District seat on the ballot on Tuesday, Nov. 8, to answer questions about issues in the city and, specifically, the city’s southern communities. This appeared in print on Friday, Oct. 28. Responses have not been edited.

Bobby Dyer 


Neighborhood: Lake Christopher

Age on Nov. 8: 66

Occupation: Physical Therapist 

Political party affiliation, if any: Republican

(757) 749 4659  bob.dyer@cox.net

What are your specific qualifications for this office? I have had the honor of serving Virginia Beach and the Centerville District since 2004. I will continue to build positive bridges between the public, our businesses, the military and our public. I will strive to be a voice of reason that brings a practical approach to government and act in the best interests of our public.

What, to you, is the most important issue facing the city and how will you address it if elected? Making Virginia Beach fiscally stable in an uncertain economy. More responsibility will be placed on localities as federal and state funds diminish. We have to create more revenue streams, become more fiscally effective without raising taxes that would compromise our resident’s quality of life

Virginia Beach is a city that can no longer rely on new development as it once did. How should the city promote future redevelopment? Where should redevelopment or development efforts be focused? Focus on incentivizing and promoting small businesses throughout the city, not just targeted areas, stop funding business entities that compete against our existing  businesses

How can the city better promote industries that capitalize upon our veteran population? Provide the path to make it easier for veterans to start and maintain a business. Stop focusing on bringing out of state corporations to Virginia Beach and finally start giving priority to our locals!!!

Do you support the agricultural reserve program meant to ensure farmland can remain productive in rural areas of Virginia Beach? Please explain why. This one once a program that may have had some value, time to move on

Should the city maintain its “green line”? Please explain your position. Yes, we don’t have the fiscal capabilities to put in the necessary infrastructure to foster meaningful development

Should the city extend Nimmo Parkway to Sandbridge? Please explain. Yes, public convenience and public safety response time

Do you support the extension of light rain from Newtown Station to Town Center? Please explain. Absolutely not!!  Given the city’s real priorities such as storm water mitigation, salary compression for public safety, paying teachers, school modernization, road and infrastructures needs, demand on Health and Human Services bringing the burden and responsibility of bringing an obsolete mode of transportation like light rail to Virginia Beach would be bureaucratic malpractice of the highest order!!

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