A few resources for last minute voters with little information on doing so


COURTHOUSEBeach voters can look at their ballots for the general election today by visiting the voter registrar’s slice of vbgov.com.

The General Assembly is up for election, and the city will have a total of 13 different styles of ballots, according to the registrar’s office.

Candidates include office-seekers for the state House of Delegates, the Virginia Senate, and Soil and Water Conservation District directorships.

Voters can search by precinct, which can be learned from their voting card, visiting the state Department of Elections site or calling the registrar here at (757) 385-8683.

Again, to see a sample ballot, visit click on this link to vbgov.com.

Not sure where to vote? Visit the state elections site at this link and check by street address.

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